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Callum 2

Callum Aged 10

Let’s go straight in there with the most popular paintball question of all time…


1) Firstly did you get shot and if so did it hurt?

Not really. I only got shot once which was on the leg. 


(All Juniors are given FULL HEAD helmets and Impact Vests)


2) What was the reason for your visit?

I’ve been twice, the first time I played it was my birthday, the second time it was my cousins birthday.


3) What was your favourite game?

The flag game in the field was the best even though it was quite scary watching the other team run towards us.


The second time I played we didn’t do the field as it was too wet so we stayed in the wood. The best game that day was the church.


(Typically in the winter months we leave the field if it gets too muddy and we stay in the woodland)


4) Did you play against adults?

My dad and uncle played but otherwise it was just kids.


(All Under 16's play in their own session, the odd parent are more than welcome to play or watch)


5) Was it safe?

The marshalls kept telling us that if we took our goggles off we wouldn’t play again. They had straps under our chin anyway so we couldn’t.


(We start the session with a briefing, marshalls watch the games and ensure rules are carried out throughout)


6) How many paintballs did you use?


I can't remember, my dad sorted them out for the group.


(300 per person is a venue average. Callums group started on 200 and then his dad upgraded on the day)


7) Did you have food onsite?

Both times we had pizza and birthday cake at the end which was cool.


(Pizza can be ordered from Domino's at reduced prices, we do have a small shop on site but feel free to bring anything you like)


and the most important question... even though it’s your 2nd visit!


8) Would you play again?

It was epic. My scout group are looking to play soon hopefully.