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Is paintballing safe for Under 16's


Yes! Our trained marshalls are watching each game and enforce the rules outlined in the safety talk at the start of the day. All players must abide to our strict rules in place otherwise they face being excluded from games. It is a preference of ours that a parent or guardian plays as well with young groups but this is not essential.


What is the minimum age for paintball at Combat Splat?


All players must be aged 10+ for insurrance purposes. In fact ages 10-11 are one of our most popular age groups!


Can we just turn up on the day?


All bookings must be booked in advance of the day you wish to play on. This is because on numerous occasions we are fully booked and we may not have enough space for your group but more importantly it helps us to ensure we have a correct amount of marshalls present in relation to the number of people playing. To make a booking you will need to submit a booking a Booking Form, a member of staff will then check your date against our diary and either email you confirmation or alternative dates.


Can I bring my own gun and paintballs?


Players can bring their own equipment and paintballs on designated 'Walk on Days' only. These happen approximately once every month and different pricing is applied. Players can not bring their own guns or paintballs on any other day as you will not be allowed to use them.


How long do games last?


Each game lasts for approximately 20 minutes with a 10 minute interval in between.


How many games will we play?


Half Day Session- A minimum of 4 games and possibly a 5th depending on times and how many paintballs the groups have left.

Full Day Session- A minimum of 8 games and as above; depending on times and paintballs maybe a couple more!


How long do sessions last?


Half Day- Morning session times: 9.30am- 12.30pm. Afternoon start times: 12.30pm- 3.30pm.


Full Day- 9.30am- 3.30pm


Games will start at 10.00am and at 1.00pm, we use the half hour before to kit up your group and carry out a safety talk. Please arrive prompt otherwise you risk missing out on the 1st game.


What should I wear?


Suitable outdoor clothing and comfortable boots or outdoor shoes preferably with ankle support. Do not wear high heals or open footwear i.e sandals or smart clothing that you would rather keep clean. YOU WILL GET MUDDY! Gloves recommended.


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