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A Combat Splat Gift Card makes the perfect present for all occasions.


We have created a range of cards to suit everyones budget, you can choose from a set amount or select one of our packages.


Complete the contact form below and within 24 hours you will receive confirmation of your order and we will be in touch to confirm collection or delivery details depending on your selection.


As with our normal bookings we accept Card, Cash, Cheque or Internet Banking.

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Available Gift Cards

  • Sniper Package £16.50 (200 Paintballs, Kit Hire)

  • Sharp Shooter £22.00 (300 Paintballs, Kit Hire)

  • Mega Blast £29.50 (500 Paintballs, Kit Hire)

  • Top Gun £35.00 (600 Paintballs, Kit Hire, Domino's Pizza)

  • Rambo £45.00 (800 Paintballs, Kit Hire, Domino's Pizza)

  • Iron Man £49.50 (1000 Paintballs, Kit Hire, Domino's Pizza) 

Gift Card